Maintenance is an essential part of running a web site.

The core WordPress software needs to be kept up to date, not to mention all the other files associated with the site.  New vulnerabilities are being discovered and with each discovery, a patch has to be applied.  We constantly monitor your site for any necessary updates and will apply them on your behalf.

If a site is left unattended it is vulnerable to a possible attack as word spreads about the weakness that has been discovered.  Constant monitoring for updates is part of our job.

We take a backup of your database every day (this is where al your posts and comments are held).

We take a backup of your important files (such as your uploaded images) every week.

We take a full backup of your site every month which includes everything.

We are therefore able to quickly restore your site to its pre-malware condition.  In addition, we will take a snapshot of the compromised site and do an anaysis of any vulnerabilities, to prevent further occurances.