Security is a big issue with us.

All too often sites get hacked.  The hackers then install code on our site that can rob you of your traffic, ruin your reputation on-line so that browsers block your site, or in a worst case scenario the hackers will use your site to distribute pornography, dodgy pills, illegal files or to aunch attacks on other sites.

You don't want that to happen?

We tailor each site differently so the setup is unique to each site (a nightmare for hackers who love default settings).

We apply a range of programs to the backend of the site to keep out the nasties.

We monitor the site for unusual file changes.

We apply all updates when they become available as most updates are fixing potential weak points.

In the extremely unlikely event of your site is compromised, we will fix it by undoing all the hackers' efforts.

You just sit back and relax.