What does Curratech Blog Hosting do?

Well, everything you need, really.

  • We set up your server
  • We instal the WordPress™ software
  • We customise the installation to your requirements
  • We tweak your site to make sure it's as fast as possible
  • We instal security software to monitor your site
  • We take regular backups (just in case)
  • We make sure everything is up to date at all times
  • In short we provide you with your site and keep it safe


But can't I use a free hosting site?

Of course you can.  But you will be severely restricted as to control of the site.  If you wish, you can pay for those extras but then it isn't a free site any more?

There are lots of companies which offer cheap hosting and provide WordPress™?

Of course there are, and that's what they give – a server and software.  The rest is up to you.  It's then your job to sort out themes, plugins security, backups and everything else that goes with a good site.

But I don't know anything about servers or software and find them a little intimidating?

That's all right.  You don't have to know anything about them because that's our job.  We do everything for you and we promise to use non-technical terms!

What about support?

We provide that too.  No problem.


Just drop us a line and we'll give you a quote.  We promise – our prices are very competitive!

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